1 farm, 3 generations and the definition of sustainability

1 Farm, 3 Generations and The Definition of Sustainability

Our farms form the backdrop for so many interesting, inspiring and heart-warming stories. The Van Zyl family’s story is the perfect example of what’s important to us at Stellar.

At 20 years old, Eric is preparing to take over running his father’s farm in the next few years. Previously belonging to his grandfather, the farm is committed to fair trade practices, organic methods and empowering the people who work there. Eric is close to completing his studies and is motivated to continue the good work that now spans two generations before him. This, to us, is the true definition of sustainability – working in harmony with nature so that our children and their children can enjoy what our planet has to offer.

Eric’s mission is to continue building change from within. The farm has already run a big cleanup around the farm workers’ homes. Next, he has plans to build a braai (barbeque) area where workers can relax and socialise with colleagues, friends and family during their time off.

Farm workers' home

Farm worker’s home

Farm worker's home

Farm worker’s homes


This farm will be the springboard for the Stellar Foundation’s Good Housekeeping Project. To start, unemployed women who live on the farm will be pampered with mani’s, pedi’s and the like, and participate in self-esteem building workshops with our Social Development Officer. The project will then give the ladies an introduction to good housekeeping practices and various crafts. The vision is that these women will unveil hidden talents that may help them earn a living in the future.

We’d like to wish Eric well as he completes his studies and look forward to sharing the inspiring new developments on his family’s farm.

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