16592 Tons harvested… and counting

Harvest update

Most of our farmers are about 70% through this season’s harvest, and what a great season it’s been. We’ve had the best weather conditions we could have hoped for: a steadily cool climate peppered with the occasional warm days that give our grapes their distinctive Western Cape flair.

We’ve also had some light rain recently. Even though it kept us from harvesting for 3 days, the rain can be a good thing too. When we get a bit of rain this late in the season, the sugars tend to rise quite quickly just a few days later. As it stands, the quality of our reds is exceptional, so you can look forward to another great season of our organic wines.

We’ve harvested about 16 592 tons of grapes so far, despite starting about a week later than last year. We’re looking to harvest the Colombar grapes at the start of April, and the Cabernet Sauvignon, a late season grape, towards the middle of the month.


A new addition to our cellar

Our new centrifuge, made by Flotweg in Germany, is the first in the wine industry. Simply put, the machine works much like the milk separators used in the old days. Using centrifugal force, solids are sent into a compartment on the side of the machine, and clean juice is sent out through the middle.

What that means for us is that this technology will help us optimise our cross-flow filtration process by cleaning the winebefore it gets filtered. The machine also ensures maximum oxygen pick-up while it’s working, which is great for preserving the quality of our organic wines.

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