2014 Harvest update

2014 Harvest: The Latest Scoop

Our harvest started about 10 days late for the second year running – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s good news for the quality of our grapes and even better news for the colour.

Because of the cool weather we’ve been having, and the scorching hot days not lingering too long, some of our grapes were still quite sour when we expected to start, and others didn’t have any juice yet. Some of the red grapes have full colour while some are still busy colouring. Since the harvest moved into full swing a bit later, the red grapes have had some more time to develop their deep, dark hue. To keep our toes tapping, Mother Nature also sent a cold front our way, but with less than 10mm of rain forecast, there’s nothing for us to worry about.

Thankfully we’re not at a complete halt: we’ve already harvested and bottled our Chenin Blanc – that’s record time for Stellar! Read the full story here.

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