Archive | March, 2014

16592 Tons harvested… and counting

Harvest update Most of our farmers are about 70% through this season’s harvest, and what a great season it’s been. We’ve had the best weather conditions we could have hoped for: a steadily cool climate peppered with the occasional warm days that give our grapes their distinctive Western Cape flair. We’ve also had some light […]

A Stellar Lady Makes Harvest History

Who says a woman can’t do a man’s job? Yolandy Gertse, a worker at Stellar Winery, has just made Stellar harvest history. Before the winemaking process can begin, the grapes are tipped from a massive truck container into the hopper at the grape receiving station for the winemaking process to begin. Typically, men have always […]

Matric Pupil Haley Doesn’t Need to Strain Any Longer

Haley, a grade 12 pupil who lives in the rural area just across the river from our cellar in Trawal, has recently started exams.  While this is a regular (yet perhaps not pleasant) task for any pupil around the world, her situation is a bit different. 20-year-old Haley suffers from incredibly bad eyesight, so much […]

Under Construction: Our New Cape Town Office

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our brand new office in the hills of Tygervalley in Cape Town, which is currently still under construction. It’s going to make a massive difference to the way we do business at Stellar. “The Stellar Marketing Department has grown up!” says Brand & Marketing Director, Lee Griffin. Emma, […]

New Top Tier Stellar Wines Coming Soon

Wine lovers have something new and exciting to look forward to from Stellar. We’re exploring new territory with our first Chardonnay grapes, which are about to be bottled. Our winemaker is working on a limited release, top tier Chardonnay, set to be released this June along with two new premium reds. We’re only releasing between […]