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We’d like to propose a toast…

Thinking about all that’s happened in 2014 can be overwhelming. For one, it’s hard to believe that buying something (especially a bottle of wine) can actually make someone’s life a bit better. But it can, and it has.  Because of the fair trade premium – a few cents built into the price of every bottle […]

We’re Getting Ready for the Next Harvest

It feels like just the other day that the 2014 harvest began – and now we’re preparing for the next one! We’re moving the last of our equipment from Trawal to our new cellar in Vredendal, where we’re also busy with some maintenance. We’re also out and about in the vineyards…and that doesn’t mean we’re […]

Stellar Winery is on the Ball

We recently received an award for our contribution to the development of sport in the West Coast region. Stellar Social Development Officer, Gert Loubser, who manages the soccer team, received the award on our behalf. The Stellar United soccer club was established in 2007 as a response to an increase in juvenile offences in the […]

Stellar Employees Receive Share Certificates

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone at Stellar gathered for the AGM to reflect on the year that’s been, from Brand and Marketing Director, Leé Griffin, to Stellar Foundation champion Irene Dell. Sister Kim Roux also took us through an in-depth medical report for 2014. Gert Loubser, one of our Social Development Officers […]

Stellar Foundation Learnerships Are Working for Stellar Employees

 In South Africa, tertiary education and formal training are very expensive, leaving a large chunk of the population without the skills they need to excel in their careers. To make the future a little brighter for Stellar employees, Stellar has provided nine individuals in junior and middle management positions with learnerships. The learnerships cover a […]