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Top 6 Stellar wines of all time

Top 6 Stellar Wines of All Time

Choosing a favourite collection (let alone a favourite wine) from our diverse organic range is tough enough, so we’ve decided to pin down the top 6 Stellar wines of all time. To make the cut, these wines have either won more awards than the rest of our wines or topped our best-sellers list. Here they […]

here goes the harvest feb 2015

Here Goes The Harvest!

Our vineyards are buzzing with the start of this year’s harvest. The workers are sporting their sun hats, ready to take on another great season, and the machinery has come out of hibernation to be dusted off and switched on. Wilhelm, the Viticulturist at Stellar, is excited to report that this may be our best […]


Grade 12 Learner Now Has The Tools He Needs to Succeed

Leonard Groenberg has made it to his final year of high school, and, like many learners in South Africa, is faced with the challenge of completing his school career despite a lack of resources. Feeding a family of seven is no easy task, especially for families like Leonard’s. His father, Jacobus, has a temporary position […]