Archive | March 11, 2015

1 farm, 3 generations and the definition of sustainability

1 Farm, 3 Generations and The Definition of Sustainability

Our farms form the backdrop for so many interesting, inspiring and heart-warming stories. The Van Zyl family’s story is the perfect example of what’s important to us at Stellar. At 20 years old, Eric is preparing to take over running his father’s farm in the next few years. Previously belonging to his grandfather, the farm […]

biodynamic wine for wine drinkers

Drink Wine When It Tastes Best

Ever wondered why your favourite wine is a total hit on one day and just misses the mark on the next? Science (yes, science) has proven that moon phases have something to do with this. Since we’ve got our eyes on the stars at Stellar Winery, we’ve put together an easy-to-understand introduction to biodynamics, so […]


The Time Is Ripe for Traditional South African “Mosbolletjies”

Now’s the perfect time to enjoy freshly baked “mosbolletjies” – a traditional South African treat best described as “a sweet brioche, traditionally made with fermented grape juice and flavoured with aniseed”. Mosbolletjies have a beautiful feathery texture and are best enjoyed fresh from the oven with a generous helping of butter and golden syrup. What’s […]