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New Release: The Storyteller

In a growing area as large as ours, each vineyard has its own vintage story, ready to be translated into wine. The Storyteller is a new range of limited-release wines made from pockets of grapes that the winemakers feel are particularly worth showcasing. Each vintage is a unique event ready to be translated into wine. […]

Step into our office - Stellar Marketing

Step Into Our Office

Welcome to the Stellar Marketing HQ! This is where we meet with clients from South Africa and abroad, especially those who don’t have time to go all the way up to the cellar while they’re visiting this country. From here, we also handle label design and the management of the printing process, design and reproduction […]


We give a quack! Here’s Why Our Runner Ducks Rule

The Indian Runner ducks that patrol our vineyards are one of the “teams” that make Stellar so special. They roam freely in the vineyards during the day and are loved and well cared for. They patrol the vineyards for “delicious” snails and other bugs, which are part of their regular diet in the wild. It’s […]