Stellar New Look 3D Outercases

A New Look For Stellar’s Outer Case Packaging

We recently redesigned our outer case packaging, which is the gorgeous box that holds our wines.

We started with a great new design for our generic packaging, which we use across many of our brands. We worked to create a more natural feel, using as little ink as possible so that it has less impact on the environment. Our challenge with using less ink was coming up with a design that’s more impactful. We’re pretty happy with the end result and hope you are too.

We also redesigned our brand-specific boxes like Heaven on Earth and The River’s End with the same principles in mind.

Stellar-Generic-6-Bottle-Carry-Case  Stellar-LAL-12-Bottle-Carry-Case Stellar-Reserve-6-Bottle-Carry-Case Stellar-Rivers End-6-Bottle-Carry-Case Stellar-Sparkling-6-Bottle-Carry-Case Heaven-on-Earth-12-Bottle-Carry-Case

We’d love to hear from you. What do you think of our new designs?

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