A ‘treemendous’ new wine by Stellar Winery and GreenPop

At Stellar, we’re passionate about lowering our impact on the environment, and from our great wastewater treatment system to thriving organic vegetable gardens for the community, we’re doing everything we can to shrink our footprint. This time, Stellar Winery has joined forces with GreenPop to bring you a delicious organic Pinotage that helps people and the environment. In true Stellar style, our soft and fruity, easy-drinking Pinotage is totally organic and Fair Trade.

A percentage of every “tree-mendous” bottle purchased goes to The Stellar Foundation for community development projects like the ongoing holiday feeding scheme, establishing sport and education hubs, a Primary Health Care programme for farm workers and their families, and more. Another portion of the cost goes to GreenPop, whose mass tree-planting initiatives are greening sub-Saharan Africa bit by bit, to spread the “treevolution” even further and faster.

So, who’s Greenpop?

“Greenpop is a social business that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun, POPular and accessible for all. We believe in inspiring a greener, more conscious, inclusive movement and do this through tree planting projects, green events, education, social media, voluntourism and activating people to start DOING!” Read more

And what does the Stellar Foundation do?

“The Stellar Foundation is a non-profit company that receives and manages funds to run social development projects on and outside of the Stellar Winery Multi-Estate.

The Foundation is an independently audited, Section 21 Non-Governmental Organisation. Read all about the Stellar Foundation here.

This partnership is important to us because:

• An average of 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide can be absorbed by 32 trees over a period of 4 years

Source: IPCC

• A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen to support a family of four, for a year!

Source: http://www.unep.org

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