Cool as Folk – Partying for Trees at GreenPop’s 3rd birthday

We celebrated Heritage Day, the new spring blooms and GreenPop’s 3rd birthday at the Cool as Folk “fun-raiser” at the Side Show in Cape Town.

Over 1250 guests, 63 of which cycled to the event, were entertained by a rocking line-up of South African talent. There was plenty of Live-a-Little wine to go around (Cara Morris, winner of our online competition for ticket, we hope you enjoyed yours!).

GreenPop was pretty successful in going virtually print free to promote the event, selling more tickets than ever and doing (more than) their bit for the earth. The Trees for Zambia film was also screened at the event, giving the audience the inside scoop on just how hard GreenPop has worked to give Sub-Saharan Africa’s green-gauge a boost. Three cheers to GreenPop !

Check out their Facebook page for photos and giveaways.

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