The people behind the wines Getting to know you questions

Getting To Know The People Behind The Wines

Say hello to the people who play an integral role in making the organic wines you know and love!

We caught up with our bottling staff for the first in a series of Getting To Know You interviews. Since they’re always focused and hard at work, we decided to lighten the mood with some fun questions that bring out their colourful personalities. We were delighted to find that we have some singers, soccer players (lots of them) and comedians on our team. The profiles below were built from Q&A interviews with the members of the team.


Riaan de Klerk

Back row, 4th from right

Riaan would eat only lunch for the rest of his life if he had no other choice and fancies being stranded on a desert island with Selena Gomez- no, no, only joking, definitely his girlfriend.

He relaxes by playing soccer and golf, with Laduma soccer being his favourite thing to watch. He characterizes himself as a neat person, which must be due to the influence of his mother, who he says is the best gift he ever received (every woman needs a son like this!) 1995 must have been a good year for Riaan, because given the chance, he’d like to go back there. Favourite book: Kringe in ‘n Bos; Favourite movie: Book of Eli

Paul Snyers 

Front row, 2nd from right

All bottling teams need a member with a sense of humour and Paul is the man that provides the jokes for the Stellar team. He enjoyed woodwork at school, loves watching rugby on TV and plays soccer for exercise and relaxation.

Bilingual Paul started his working life as a shelf-packer in retail BUT (and this is the big thing) would rather have the perfect job than win the lottery because he likes work and enjoys the satisfaction of knowing he’s earned his money.

Ounalenna Seitshiro

Front row, 4th from right

With the ability to speak five languages and a reading list that includes John Kani, Ounalenna is clearly a woman of some depth. She cites Nelson Mandela as the most intelligent man she knows of and is all about family, valuing her son above almost anything else in life.

When she was younger she wanted to be a social worker, but she places a high premium on work generally and would make sure, if she were president, that there would be full employment.

Asked to choose which animal she would describe herself as, Ounalenna named the bear, whose attributes are strength, confidence and standing firm against adversity.

Justin Smith

Front row, 3rd from right

Nicknamed “The Rock”, Justin is also a soccer player. His dad is his hero (Dad, are you reading this?).

Whitney’s Kiss is his current favourite book and “When a man loves a woman” is the song he would choose to belt out at a karaoke evening, so no lack of emotional intelligence here.

What happened in 2009? Justin picks that year as the one he’d like to revisit.

Estro Swarts

Back row, 1st from right

If Estro could live anywhere, it would be Cape Town (good choice!). What would happen if this man was given the keys to a Ferrari? He chose speed(!) as his preferred superpower.

Estro values his quiet time. His reading matter of choice is the Bible and he loves to watch movies. Christmas Day is his favourite holiday and he would do 2008 over again, given the chance.

The wolf, with its qualities of loyalty, strength, intelligence and great communications skills, is the animal he most admires.

Teswill Jacobs

Front row, 1st from left

“Tessie” dreams big. He wanted to be Superman when he was little and would choose Kim Kardashian as a desert island companion.

Able to speak three languages, Afrikaans was his favourite subject at school. Vocal skills are his big thing, as he also loves singing. He credits his family for spurring him on to work hard.

Sport is important to Tessie- he watches rugby on television and plays soccer for enjoyment and to keep fit. If he was allowed only one meal for the rest of his life, porridge and meat would be it.


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