Hamba Kahle Madiba: Stellar Winery Salutes a Hero

The recent passing of the legendary Nelson Mandela has moved South Africans young and old, and it’s no different for us at Stellar.

Our condolences go out to Tata’s friends and family. We join the world in honouring an unforgettable man and leader.

“Tata means the world to me, he is the reason we can be proud to be South African. Tata was the most unselfish, loving man who changed the way we live. I am so grateful he fought as hard as he did, our lives would be so different and I would not have had so many wonderful experiences and friendships if it weren’t for our wonderful father, our Tata. Hamba kahle Tata” – Emma Webber, Stellar Brand and Marketing Co-ordinator


“I have always had a huge amount of respect and affection for Madiba and for the brave role he played in shaping our new democracy. However, since his departure, I have truly come to realise the magnitude of the man. Listening to the outpouring of wonderful stories, told by ordinary people about how he touched their lives has been enlightening and tear jerking. Madiba was, without doubt, the greatest leader of our time. Thank you Tata Madiba for your grace, humility, sincere forgiveness, your wonderful smile and your love. You will be sorely missed.” – Lee Griffin, Brand and Marketing Director


“I’m honoured to have witnessed the stirring of a country’s spirit and the brave man who inspired the passion, purpose and song of millions. It’s amazing that even his passing has united our country, and although we’re united in mourning, I think it’s this sense of unity he fought for for most of his life.Most of all, I’m proud to have seen a leader with such a great sense of humour, an ear-to-ear smile and an unforgettable laugh. Rest In Peace Madiba.” -Narique Sangster, Digital Editor

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