How you’re helping to ‘Drive’ Stellar Farm Workers to Good Health

A portion of the purchase of each bottle of Stellar wine bought at Woolworths, a leading South African retailer, now goes to The Stellar Foundation through the MyVillage fundraising programme. The money raised from this initiative will go towards setting up a mobile clinic for Kim Roux, the resident medical officer at Stellar Multi-Estate.

If you live in South Africa, you can support this project by popping in to a Woolworths store near you to buy any of the Stellar wines listed below. Fifty cents goes to The Stellar Foundation, a beneficiary of the MyVillage fundraising programme.

Please note: Woolworths sells Stellar wines under their own Woolworths Organic label. It’s still the same delicious Stellar wine – just with a Woolies label.

With Added Sulphites:

Swooping Swallow Sauvignon Blanc

Feeding Duck Chardonnay

No Added Sulphites:

Swooping Falcon Merlot

Running Duck Cabernet Sauvignon

Glowing Firefly Pinotage

Diving Hawk Shiraz

Fluttering Butterfly White blend (Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc)

The mobile clinic will help make an already successful initiative even better!

A typical day for Kim starts with her packing crates of medical equipment into her Toyota Auris. She then drives to the farms to attend to the workers, seeing to each of them without much privacy or shelter from the weather. Not only does she treat the cellar staff, farm workers and their families’ ailments, but she also advises and informs on health issues, equipping them with the knowledge they need to make informed lifestyle decisions. Once she’s cared for all her patients, she drops off the medical equipment back at the cellar, locks it in the safe and heads on home.

In addition to saving Kim from lifting heavy crates, the mobile clinic will increase Kim’s efficiency.  – saving her time and ensuring that everything she could need is readily available.

The Stellar Foundation website is under construction at the moment. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll keep you updated with the progress of this initiative.

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