LAL RRR with spinach salad and bluberry basil dressing

Live-a-Little Rather Revealing Rose with Spinach Salad & Blueberry-Basil Dressing

This creative salad is perfect as a starter or light lunch between seasons. We recommend adding a soft and creamy white cheese with delicate flavour, or enjoy as is if you’re vegan (and awesome).

blueberry basil salad with organic Live A Little Rather Revealing Rose

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You can also enjoy our Live-a-Little Rather Revealing Rosé as a sundowner or to accompany your ultimate cheeseboard.

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South Africa

Live-a-Little Rather Revealing Rosé, Stellar Organics No Sulphur Added Rosé, Stellar Organics Rosé, Woolworths Circling Dove Pinotage Rosé

United Kingdom

Live-a-Little Rather Revealing Rosé, Running Duck Rosé, Firefly Organics Rosé


Live a Little Rather Revealing Rosé (No Sulphur Added), Firefly Organics Dry Rosé


Live-a-Little Rather Revealing Rosé

East Africa

Running Duck Rosé, Ubuntu Rosé


Moonlight Organics Rosé


Firefly Dry Rosé, Natural Star Rosé, Running Duck Rosé, African Star Rosé


Stellar Organics No Sulphur Added Rosé, Ubuntu Rosé

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