Matric Pupil Haley Doesn’t Need to Strain Any Longer

Haley, a grade 12 pupil who lives in the rural area just across the river from our cellar in Trawal, has recently started exams.  While this is a regular (yet perhaps not pleasant) task for any pupil around the world, her situation is a bit different.

20-year-old Haley suffers from incredibly bad eyesight, so much so that despite being fully capable of being a top-achiever, she has always struggled with her schoolwork and had to repeat Grade 9. In rural South Africa in particular, finishing school is a great achievement, and a Matric pass goes a long way when it comes to getting a job and supporting a family. To make matters worse, her father was diagnosed with tuberculosis and subsequently lost his job as a worker at Transnet. Haley’s mother has been left with the task of supporting a family of five by doing any little job she can get in her community.

In an effort to help her daughter finish school with as little strain as possible, Haley’s mother applied for a R1000 loan to use as a deposit for the spectacles Haley needed. Soon enough, word of Haley’s story got around to our Social Development Officer over at the Stellar Foundation, who was moved to help her and her family in any way possible.

Haley’s glasses are now paid in full, and her mom doesn’t have to stress about paying back a hefty loan. Haley is determined to finish school and has her sights set on becoming a social worker when she graduates. We wish her the best, and will stay in touch to make sure she’s progressing nicely.

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