Meet Stellar’s Newly Wed Digital Editor, Narique Sangster

Narique runs Stellar’s social media profiles and liaises with team members across the business, from Stellar’s Social Development Officer to the Producer, to put together this newsletter every month.

Gathering information about Stellar for the monthly email, getting to know the special individuals who represent each of the brand’s many facets and then sharing it with the world has been an enlightening experience for Narique. “I love working with the Stellar brand. I get to engage an interesting audience in conversations about everything from culinary wonders and ridiculous wine jokes to environmental issues, all while having fun. The team is open-minded, motivated and supportive, too,” she says.

Narique’s passion for sharing the stories of conscious African brands began while working at Shout Factory, a start-up media company in Cape Town, while studying a BA Degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega School of Brand Leadership. She specialised in copywriting, and quickly realised the value of being able to send the right message to the right audience in just the right way. For her, it meant that she could speak on behalf of brands who have something meaningful to say and the actions to back it up, too. Says Narique, “What’s great about developing Stellar’s voice is that it’s hard not to have a great time doing it. As a brand, Stellar focuses more on the light-hearted, totally pleasurable side of the wine lifestyle and not so much on the exclusive glass twirling club that seems to dominate the industry. Not that Stellar lives without conviction, though. What attracted me to Stellar in the first place is that it’s a brand on a mission to do good with every motion, whether it’s about making it easier for the medical officer to treat the farm workers and their families or going to great lengths to ensure that mother earth is honoured and protected throughout the winemaking process”.

She has gone on to develop a course on Critical Thinking and Communication focusing on how the subtler aspects of communication can boost efficiency in the workplace. She works on brands like Wema Bodycare and Woolworths SA (but we know who her favourite is) and her spare hours are dedicated to painting, her yoga practice and “all things generally tree-hugger-ish”. Her dream is to work on a wide variety of mind-blowing projects for as long as she lives, ranging from developing plots and writing scripts for video games to teaching critical thinking skills through better awareness of words.

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