New branding and Stellar WInery the business

New Branding & A Closer Look At Stellar Winery, The Business

Two of our main focuses at Stellar are on acquiring new and innovative machinery to improve production and quality, and driving our many social development projects. It’s no surprise then that that’s exactly where our funds go.

Running a ‘green’ business is something we’re incredibly proud of, and naturally, it comes with its own challenges. One of those challenges is ensuring that we have enough cash flow to continue innovating, while still investing in all the important “business as usual” items on our shopping list.

We invested in our own transport to save money on third-party transportation of bulk and bottled product. It’s an investment that makes financial, logistical and environmental sense to us. Since our cellar is so far away from Cape Town, we’ve made sure that the trucks transport both to and from the city to minimise our footprint.


Stellar-Winery-Truck-1 Stellar-Winery-Truck-2


Stellar-Winery-sinage-1 Stellar-Winery-sinage-2 Stellar-Winery-sinage-3


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