Start Your Own Food Club This Festive Season

The season is upon us, and that means dinner parties, year-end functions and the good cheer (and wine) you’ve waited for all year. The dining experience is always at its finest this time of the year, and we think it would be great fun to kick off the festivities with something a little different!


Informal local produce markets are all the rage these days – it’s perfect for the whole family and you get to buy or try high quality fresh, handmade and prepared goods. Our friends over at the Good Food Club have taken it a step further and brought the market concept itself home.


“For the past few years, The Good Food Club, a local food club in Cape Town, has supported local farmers and producers, mainly from the Western Cape. The club is simply a group of people who share a love for Good Food and love supporting local farmers and producers.  One of the many things that the club values is to support farmers, like Stellar Winery and others, who farm ethically and use methods that have the least impact on the environment and their livestock, and pay their employees a fair wage.  


On a monthly basis, at what we’ve come to call our ‘Market Day’, club members collect their pre-ordered goods from a central collection point, with the help of a few volunteers.  This is usually at someone’s home, where club members also get to browse and buy other locally sourced and homemade products (often made by other club members).  It has been wonderful for Liesl and Abby who run the club to see relationships grow with the various farmers and producers across the Western Cape (sometimes beyond its boarders) over the last few years.  Knowing a bit more about the story behind the ‘Good Food’ that we enjoy has been a gift to us all.  There are so many farmers seeking to farm more sustainably and at the same time produce wholesome and such delicious food, which we get to enjoy!”


Why not host a “market day” of your own? It’s a great way to get all your friends and family involved, and it will give you the opportunity to connect with your community and share your hidden talents. For those of us who are looking for an eco-friendly festive feast with all the bells and whistles, it might help to follow in the footsteps of The Good Food Club.


If you’re hosting an event or would like to offer Stellar Organic wines at a local food club of your own, please contact Emma Webber at


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