Stellar Organic Winery at the Beautiful South Tasting in London

Klaas and Lee of Stellar Winery recently attended The Beautiful South wine show in London. The huge event was a showcase of wines from South Africa, Argentina and Chile and producers from all three countries were there with their best wines to demonstrate just what makes the wines of these regions special.

We showed our Stellar Organics Reserve Cabernet/Pinotage, Stellar Organics Reserve Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon and the new River’s End Pinot Noir. A steady flow of people arrived to taste our organic wines, which all showed well, sparking lots of interest and follow-up orders.

We also launched our new 100 Mile Coast and Benguela Breeze wine brands at the event, which were also very well received in the UK marketplace. Click here to read more about these new wines.

Klaas was happy to have had the opportunity to taste so many different wines at a single event – he learned a lot about what our competitors are doing and which wine profiles are popular in the market.

While in London, we took the time to visit some of our UK customers, meet the newer members of the team at Ehrmanns, our UK agent, and reconnect with those we already know well. Ehrmanns is doing a great job for Stellar! Since we were nearby, we also stopped off in Holland to pay our Netherlands agent Coenecoop a visit.

Overall, the trip gave us insight into new market trends in Europe and the UK, what’s working and what could be improved, so we’re really refining our strategy for the coming year. Watch this space!

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