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Stellar Organic Winery Passes Two Important Audits

We’re proud to announce that after all our hard work on upgrading the new cellar, we’ve passed two important audits! These audits help us keep our operations, and ultimately the wine in your glass, up to a high standard, ensuring that we comply with all regulations. They are also especially helpful in helping us identify where we can improve and innovate.

We’ve recently received our HACCP stage 2 certificate after passing the audit in late July. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, also known as ISO 9001) is a food safety system that ensures that the wine we produce is safe for human consumption. Woolworths and most international clients who buy our wine require the HACCP, and it’s part of the greater quality control system too. We’re thrilled to report that the auditor commented on the cleanliness and design of our new facility – a wonderful compliment after all the effort we’ve dedicated to improving our efficiency and installing new technology.

We’ve also been given the green light from Woolworths, a successful South African retailer, who has their finger on the pulse of all things sustainable with their Good Business Journey. Woolworths sends their audit company, IBL, to assess the hygiene of our cellar every year. The hygiene audit focuses on the safe production of foodstuffs and encompasses food safety, hygiene of the premises and processing facility, machines, quality, traceability, recall procedures, non-conforming product, raw material, incoming inspections, pest control and more. We’ve yet to begin their second audit, the ethical audit, which is all about workers at the cellar. It focuses on Health and Safety, compensation, working hours and the like, which are all covered by our Fair for Life certification.

Woolworths, fondly known as “Woolies”, stocks Stellar Organic wines under their own label. If you live in South Africa, you can find the wines below at Woolworths. Remember, it’s the same delicious organic wine, with a Woolies label.


With added sulphites:

Swooping Swallow Sauvignon Blanc

Feeding Duck Chardonnay


No added sulphites:

Swooping Falcon Merlot

Running Duck Cabernet Sauvignon

Glowing Firefly Pinotage

Fluttering Butterfly White

If your local Woolies doesn’t have stock of the wine you’re looking for, they will gladly order it in.



We’d like to say a special “thank you” to our Quality Control Manager, Marius Prinsloo, for his dedication and hard work.


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