Stellar Eurotrip 2015

Stellar Travel Journal: Euro Trip 2015

The Stellar team recently embarked on a successful and insightful trip to Europe.

Leé Griffin (Brand and Marketing Director), Klaas Coetzee (Winemaker) and Willem Rossouw (Managing Director) visited Germany and France to attend shows, observe the latest trends and connect with our European agents and customers.

It’s during trips like these that we often find answers to the tough questions. What’s next for Stellar? In which ways can we push our level of innovation? How can we develop and refine our processes? What new technology is available to us? How can we connect more effectively with our customers around the world?

First stop: Germany

We celebrated our German agent’s 30 years in business at the Riegel Weinimport Wine Days, a weekend of celebration held at the picturesque Lake of Constance. As usual, the Riegel team organised a wonderful series of interesting events that were well received by customers. The wines we showed at the Wine Walk went down well. Customers had only good things to say about the Stellar Organics ReserveSauvignon Blanc/Semillon, The Sensory Collection Shiraz and The River’s End Pinot Noir.

Customers at the Wine Walk event

Customers at the Wine Walk event

We also attended Achema, the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, where thousands of exhibitors present their products and solutions. Our aim was to have a look at new wine and distilling technology and find out what’s available for overprinting master labels. Even though we didn’t find a good fit for Stellar, the show was very interesting.

Next stop: France

Vinexpo sign

First up was Vinexpo, an international wine and spirits exhibition. We met up with agents visiting the show and had a great time tasting wines, observing the latest trends and seeing best practice in action.

We then visited Pera in Florensac, the heart of one of the biggest wine regions in the world. Pera specialises in designing and engineering equipment for the wine industry – a great place to go for the new destemming machine we’re looking to purchase for the cellar. We were quite impressed with what we saw.

Inside the Descanter destemmer

Inside the Decanter destemmer

We’re planning to launch a vineyard programme next year (more about that later), and headed to Pellenc next to have a look at farming equipment that could take the project to the next level.

Our trip to France also took us to quite a number of vineyards, where we had a look at various planting methods. This served as inspiration for Willem and Klaas, who did plenty of measuring and brainstorming. We also tasted some interesting wines, with a focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Chablis sign

Chardonnay vineyard in Chablis

Chardonnay vineyard in Chablis

Wine Shop in Chablis

Wine Shop in Chablis

An impromtu lunch and  Rosé tasting on the side of the road.

An impromtu lunch and Rosé tasting on the side of the road.

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