Stellar Travel Journal - London, France & Holland

Stellar Travel Journal: London, France and Holland

Each time we set out to travel, we come back feeling inspired and engaged, with more to offer our customers and partners. Stellar Brand and Marketing Director, Leé Griffin, and Winemaker/Production Manager Klaas Coetzee embarked on a business trip to London, France and Holland. Here are some of the highlights:

First stop: London

Our trip to the UK was a fruitful one. We kicked it off with Wozani 2015, a wine show held by WOSA (Wines of South Africa) at the South African Embassy in London.

We also had a number of productive meetings and visited customers to present The River’s End wines. We’re happy to report that they’ll soon be available in a few more wine shops and restaurants in London.

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to Borough Wine and Beer, a gorgeous outlet in London managed by Natacha Jaume.

Klaas Coetzee, Natacha Jaume & Andre Neves

Klaas Coetzee, Natacha Jaume & Andre Neves

Borough Wines & Beers London

Borough Wines & Beers

Exploring Biodynamic Winemaking in France

Biodynamic winemaking is incredibly interesting and exciting. We visited quite a few biodynamic and organic wine farms in the Loire Valley and went down to Bordeaux to meet with Biodyvin, a biodynamic certification body.

The experience posed some interesting ideas, and shed light on this fascinating natural winemaking method. Watch this space – we may have some noteworthy developments to share in the near future.

The Cerro Azul Fair in Holland

Our first stop in Holland was a visit with our Dutch agent, Coenecoop. We met with various staff and sales people to catch up on all things business and discuss fresh opportunities.

For the Cerro Azul Fair, we worked with Cees Heikoop, a Coenecoop Sales Rep, at a wholesaler who supplies the Fair Trade stores in Holland. The show was a great success with a steady flow of customers all day. We’d like to thank Cees, Klaas Kuipers and the rest of the Cerro Azul team for creating such a successful event.

Cees Heikoop & Klaas at Cerro Azul Fair

Cees Heikoop & Klaas at Cerro Azul Fair

We also launched our Wonderbag Project, an initiative that helps make life easier for our hardworking cellar and farm workers. These nifty thermal sacks are great for cooking food safely and slowly, as they can easily stay warm for up to 12 hours. Because they don’t use any electricity, Wonderbags are also better for the environment. For every bottle of Stellar Organics wine sold through Cerro Azul, €0,30 cents goes towards buying Wonderbags for Stellar cellar and farm workers and their families.

The Wonderbag Project Display

The Wonderbag Project Display

The Wonderbag Project How it works

How it works

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