Stellar’s Much Anticipated Bag-in-Box Production Line Is Here

Our Stellar Organics Mandala Bag-in-Box white wine has been available in the Swedish market for some time now, and has exceeded all expectations in terms of sales. Customers are loving it! We’re happy to announce that we’ve now installed a state-of-the-art Bag-in-Box filling line at the cellar and will be launching a range of Bag-in-Box wines in other markets around the world.

Launching soon

  • The Live-a-Lot BIB (for when a 750ml bottle of Live-A-Little just isn’t enough) in Really Ravishing Red and Wildly Wicked White. Read more about the Live-a-Little range >
  • Stellar Organics Mandala BIB red wine to match the white. Read more about these wines >
  • We can’t wait to share other brands launching in a BIB soon. We’ve got a few great ones up our sleeve

We have a new toy to go on our BIB line!

We recently bought a state-of-the-art machine that has the ability to laser print specific information on the side of our generic boxes. This means we can minimise waste and cut costs, as we won’t need to print different boxes for each market.


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