Stellar’s Riaan De Klerk A ‘Cellar Worker of The Year’ Finalist

We are incredibly proud of Riaan de Klerk, a Stellar Winery cellar worker, who made it to the finals of the Cellar Worker Programme with Winetech Study Groups, of which the winner was named Cellar Worker of the Year. According to vinpro.co.za, a total of 369 cellar workers participated in the Winetech Study Groups, and all of the finalists obtained a mark higher than 85%.


“The programme aims to empower cellar workers by transferring knowledge and technology during an annual series of Winetech Study Groups in the respective wine grape growing areas, followed by an evaluation and award to the top cellar worker.”

We would like to applaud Riaan for making it to the top 10, and inspiring continued excellence for his colleagues at Stellar Winery.

Find out more about the programme here: http://ow.ly/qtbn304lxZn


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