Stellar Mobile Clinic

The Mobile Clinic Is Up And Running On The Stellar Multi-Estate

Medical Officer Kim Roux works hard to see to over 300 workers – and their families – working for the Stellar Multi-Estate. We’re ecstatic to report that the mobile clinic has now been delivered!

Stellar Mobile Clinic

The mobile clinic will greatly enhance the efficiency of and add a large measure of dignity to a very successful service that is greatly valued by the Stellar Multi-Estate workers and their families.

One of Kim’s biggest challenges has been using her private vehicle in the field. Offering a primary healthcare service to hundreds of families means a large patient load, which is why a mobile clinic has become an absolute necessity. The mobile clinic is fully kitted with all the luxuries of a bricks-and-mortar clinic, including a fridge and air conditioning.

Top advantages of the new mobile clinic include:

  • Easy transportation of medicines and equipment
  • Patient privacy
  • Continuity of service in adverse weather

For Kim herself, the greatest benefit is being able to run her service from a spacious, properly equipped facility – a huge step up from the small sedan vehicle she’s been using until now. The constant unpacking, setting-up and re-packing that has been part of her extensive daily round is now a thing of the past.

Special thanks

Our heartfelt thanks to each and every Stellar Foundation donor and supporter for helping us make this fantastic new asset to the Stellar Primary Health Care Service a reality.

Stellar Foundation would like to extend our sincere and grateful thanks to Riegel Weinimport, Woolworths and Coenecoop Wine Traders, as the major donors to this project, for helping to make it happen. It’s been a little under 18 months since we took the decision to pursue this particular dream and that it’s become a reality so quickly is thanks to your unstinting generosity and encouragement.

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