River's End Pinot Noir

The River’s End Pinot Noir 2011

Our new winemakers’ selection, The River’s End Pinot Noir 2011 is now ready for release. Wine lovers are sure to enjoy the delicious aromas of sweet cherry and candyfloss, underpinned by an earthy forest floor.

If you’re planning on enjoying our new release with dinner, this classic cultivar pairs well with stuffed mushrooms and brie, roasted pork loin, duck or grilled salmon.


About the Stellar Organics Reserve River’s End Pinot Noir 2011

Our Pinot Noir evokes the romance of wild, open spaces and a gently-flowing river reaching its journey’s end.

We plant our grapes at the river’s end where the soil has excellent moisture retention. This helps the vines to produce good fruit without stressing and is free of risk from drought.

Maritime breezes blow up-river in the afternoons, cooling the vineyards and helping the vines to produce grapes with good colour and excellent fruit and flavour development.

It’s this combination of soil and climate that helps produce some of our finest grapes. Our winemakers have carefully selected the grapes for this Pinot Noir, and the result is a wine with wonderful structure and mouth feel.


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