Two New Stellar Organic Wine Lines Hit the UK Market!

Exclusive to Ehrmanns, Benguela Breeze and 100 Mile Coast wine brands were launched at the Beautiful South Wine Show in London in September.

The white wine, in both labels, is made from Sauvignon Blanc and the red wine varietal is Shiraz. The brands get their names from the vineyards near the seemingly-endless Atlantic west coast which are cooled by fresh morning mists and south-easterly trade winds – perfect for good quality grapes.

On-shore breezes from the cold Benguela Current allow gentle fruit ripening in these coastal vineyards, nurturing the grapes to produce crisp, complex and aromatic wines.

These wines are not being marketed as organic because some of the vineyards are in the process of converting from conventional to organic. But that’s not stopping us from making some excellent vegan friendly wine from great quality grapes!


W.O. Western Cape 2013, 13% ABV

Aromas of elderflower and mango with a lush palate of ripe tropical fruit and balanced, refreshing acidity.


W.O. Western Cape 2013, 13.5% ABV

Supple blackberry fruit complemented by smoky, spicy notes. Full-bodied with a well-rounded finish.

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