Two Silver Awards for Stellar at the PAR® Wine Award South Africa 2014!

Two of our wines were recently recognised as notable with regard to quality and origin, ranking as full of character and superior wines from the Cape. PAR®, which stands for Product, Analysis and Ranking, is a wine tasting system developed by the eminent Martin Darting.

The system is highly rated for being accurate as well as transparent, going beyond the taster’s personal preference. This is achieved by providing the taster with all information about the product, from vintage and growth location to residual sugar content, acidity and more.

We’re proud to announce that our wines received two silver awards, one for our 2013 Stellar Organics Semillon – Sauvignon Blanc Reserve and another for the 2012 UKUVA Pinotage, which we supply to Peter Riegel Weinimport in bulk.

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