Whole Foods Market and Stellar Winery Collaborate for the Crèche Makeover Project

Let’s face it – children spend most of their time at school. That’s why it’s important that these spaces are safe, clean and kitted out for learning and playing. Lots of work had to be done at Koekenaap Crèche, a preschool in the rural area near a number of the farms in the Stellar Multi-Estate, to transform it into a pleasant, well-equipped learning environment for the children who go there.

The Wholefoods Market volunteers from the USA and Stellar Foundation set out to give Koekenaap Crèche a complete makeover and provide the kids with much-needed toiletries, toys and clothing, as well as paint the playground equipment at Eikevlei Crèche.

Koekenaap Créche

Koekenaap CrécheEikeve

Our to-do list at Koekenaap Crèche

  1. Burglar proofing & security gate
  2. Painting the inside
  3. Painting the outside
  4. New floor topping
  5. Add shelving to create different spaces and for storage
  6. Office area for teacher
  7. Carpet on some walls and backs of shelving units as pin up boards
  8. Fix electricity problem
  9. Fix water supply problem
  10. Have both toilets in a working condition
  11. Have the basin in a working condition
  12. Fridge/freezer
  13. Hanging space for bags, blankets, etc.
  14. 40 blankets
  15. 40 facecloths
  16. 40 toothbrushes
  17. Towels
  18. Toothpaste
  19. Sheet covers for the mattresses
  20. Storage containers
  21. Toys
  22. Clothing

Not only did we manage to complete the project in record time, but we also managed to have some fun with the children.

It was an honour to work with the Whole Foods Market volunteers. We hope that this is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership, and the first of many more successful projects.




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