The Solar Ball Project

Germany Kicks off the Solar Ball Project

The Solar Ball Project, phase 3 of The Stellar Foundation’s renewable energy initiative, launched with an artistic flair as part of the promotion of Die dunkle Seite des Mondes  (Dark Side Of The Moon) film in Germany. The film is based on a bestselling novel by Swiss author, Martin Suter, and will debut in German cinemas in January.

A percentage of every bottle of Moonlight Organics sold will go towards funding our Solar Ball Project, the third phase of our “Getting off the Grid” renewable energy initiative.


The “Getting off the Grid” Renewable Energy Initiative

Earlier this year, the Stellar Foundation kicked off Phase 1 of the “Getting off the Grid” renewable energy initiative by giving all the workers on the Stellar Multi-estate handy Consol solar jars for their homes.

This initiative is our way of addressing the issue of electricity in South Africa sustainably, while helping our cellar and farmworkers save money on energy.

We launched phase 2, the Wonderbag project, at the Cerro Azul fair during our recent travels to Holland. Wonderbags are nifty heat-retaining sacks that will make life a lot easier for the farm and cellar workers on the Stellar Multi-Estate and help save on electricity usage.

The Solar Ball Project is the third phase of The Stellar Foundation’s renewable energy initiative.  

Stellar Winery Renewable Energy Project

The Solar Ball is small enough to be carried around. It can easily be hung up in a room to provide high efficiency light, and serves as a charger for mobile phones and other small devices. Read more about it >

We’d like to thank Riegel Weinimport for funding an incredible 250 solar balls for our farm and cellar workers.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Irene Dell (Stellar Foundation Social Development Officer) on


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