stellar friends are changing the world

Stellar’s Friends Are Changing The World

Stellar Winery has recently aligned with a number of fascinating events and initiatives, ranging from an ecological research expedition to the launch of a South African children’s book. Here’s a rundown of what’s happened in the last few weeks:

Eat For The Earth
On 16 June, the Stellar Brand & Marketing Team spent the morning with the Soil For Life team at the Eat for the Earth event. We were treated to a raw-licious spread of natural foods prepared by Earthshine, featuring banana-date pancakes, avocado chocolate mousse, cashew cream and decadent natural hot chocolate from their Easy Living Food recipe book.13419125_10153913185102535_6418588829806354172_n


Eat for the Earth guests enjoyed Stellar Organics Sparkling Chardonnay/Pinot Noir,  and some lucky  folks won Dig  This! wine give-aways. All in all, a lovely morning spent in the winter sun, surrounded by the lush greenery of the Soil For Life’s HQ in Constantia, Cape Town.


All proceeds from the event went directly to Soil For Life to help fund the amazing work they do to educate and empower people to grow their own nutritious food. 

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The Marion Island Expedition
Stellar wines are travelling across the sea on an exciting research expedition to Marion Island – a small island that forms part of South Africa’s Western Province – to help keep the researchers warm.

The expedition is a South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) initiative, and is focused primarily on important biological and environmental research. This entails the study of weather and climate, marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the life histories of various sea animals.


The team comprises a number of field assistants: sealers, birders, botanists, geomorphologists, meteorologists, and environmental control officers. They are joined by the base personnel team, which is made up of a diesel mechanic, base engineer, the SANSA engineer and a medic.

The field assistants work in difficult weather conditions, which include ice squalls, gale force winds, snow and cold. The wind is particularly fierce, and field assistants sometimes find themselves having to crawl across the mountaintops. The team is not only driven by delicious Stellar wine, but also by a passion for gaining a deeper understanding of the sub-Antarctic ecological system. The data gained from this trip, and the trips that have preceded it, may help scientists gain insight into how processes like climate change are impacting our planet.

“The Girl Without A Sound” Book Launch
“Girl Without A Sound”, written by Buhle Ngaba, began as an online fairytale about a girl on a journey to find her own voice. The empowering story enjoyed a great reception, with over 2000 book downloads in the first week alone. This encouraged the team to make the jump to launching the official print publication.

mika-readingThe Girl Without A Sound was released in conjunction with KaMatla Productions, an NPO created by the author herself to aid the development of the arts in underprivileged communities in South Africa.

We’re proud to support Buhle and the team’s inspiring work, and Stellar wines were served at the book launch in Cape Town in June.  

Download the book now >

Dig This! Wines were served at the third edition of THINK.Thursday, a movement of “energised conversations for positive change.” The mind-bending talk, entitled “You are biased”, addressed “understanding the social biases that cloud your mind, and a behavioural toolkit to overcome them”.

The session was led by David Perrot, Founding Director of Gravity Ideas. David is extremely knowledgeable in the field of behavioural economics and social psychology.

13507199_245216205863350_2804785809151380287_n 13557901_245215482530089_4197194598747388117_nSee more pics here >

“Why Storytelling Matters” by Penda Photo Tours
Greeted with a glass of Dig This! wine, photography enthusiasts enjoyed an evening with award-winning American photographers, Tyrone Turner and Susan Sterner.

Both Tyrone and Susan have traveled extensively to document a range of social and environmental issues. The duo showcased some of their best work, told the stories behind the images, and made the case for why storytelling matters.


All proceeds went to the Penda Photo Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing about positive change in developing countries.

Read more about Penda Photo Tours >

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