Tasty WasteNots Cookbook Featuring Stellar Wines | Waste Nothing, Protect The Planet, Say Cheers

Leé Griffin (Brand and Marketing Director) and Klaas Coetzee (Winemaker) took part in  a series of totally indulgent private media dinners to launch the Tasty Wastenots Cookbook.


Written by Nutritional Therapist, Sally-Ann Creed (collaborator on The Real Meal Revolution), and Chef Jason Whitehead, Tasty Wastenots is a cookbook that inspires people to live (quite happily) off the earth, save money and waste nothing.

The sugar-free, low-carbohydrate recipes are undeniably delicious, and encourage the use of organic, homegrown produce and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Each lunch and dinner recipe in the Tasty Wastenots cookbook is paired with a Stellar wine – a proud moment for us, and a perfect fit. Each group of guests at the media dinners was treated to the full experience, and we’re happy to report that our wines showed well alongside Chef Jason’s delectable creations.


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“It is right on trend – a lovely, modern cookbook that shows you how to use everything edible and waste nothing. In this way readers improve their cooking skills, limit expenses and help save the planet. With healthy and wholesome recipes that cover all your needs and wants such as breakfast, starters, soups and salads, main dishes, snacks and smoothies, pastes, pestos and dips, desserts and even the braai” – The P.R Team

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Photo credit: Claire Gunn Photography

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