Inspiring Change at the Fry’s Family Foods Annual Green Meeting

If we’re going to tackle environmental issues, there’s one crucial element we simply can’t ignore: food. It’s not just our sustenance, but also the heart of any great gathering, no matter where in the world you’re from. We could even go as far as saying that food is the bridge between humans and nature. The Fry’s Annual Green Meeting (AGM) was a celebration of good food, and equally, an appeal to consider where your food comes from, what it’s made of, and how it impacts people and the earth.

The Fry’s AGM took place at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre in Buitenkant Street, in the heart of the Cape Town’s buzzing city. It was a thought-provoking, fun-filled event with talks covering the Fry’s Family journey and their quest to make meat-free eating easy and tasty. The speakers touched on important topics, such as nutrition, the vegan movement, how to effectively drive change in your home and community, the environmental impact of our food, and much more.

Vegan friendly Dig This! wines, served by Stellar promoter extraordinaire, Lynn Prigge, were very well received. Everyone  enjoyed learning more about our different wine ranges from the expert herself.

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All in all, the Fry’s AGM was an informative, entertaining feast of an event, complete with live music. We’re happy to have been part of the family, even if just for a day!

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