Sensory Collection 2014 wine pairings

Just Bottled: The Sensory Collection 2014 + 3 Pairings

This elegant collection of limited release wines is an example of organic winemaking at its best. They’ve been matured in new French oak barrels and allowed to rest for between 12 and 20 months before bottling.

The 2014 wines have just been bottled! Enjoy these exquisite wines with one (or all!) of these three colourful, soulful food-pairing recipes.

The Sensory Collection Pinotage with Classic Lamb Shank

The Sensory Collection Pinotage’s smooth finish is an excellent complement to coarse game patés, boeuf Bourguignon, lamb shanks, wild mushroom risotto or blue cheese with figs. Try it with “the only lamb shank recipe you’ll ever need” by Chelsea Winter >

Lamb Shank with organic wine

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The Sensory Collection Chardonnay with Creamy Vegan Coconut Curry

A true classic, The Sensory Collection Chardonnay will go down a treat with this creamy vegan coconut curry. It’s vegan, gluten free and super easy to make.

vegan chickpea curry with organic wine

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The Sensory Collection Shiraz with Spicy Vegetable Tagine

The smokey, spicy nose of The Sensory Collection Shiraz has hints of pepper and white almond chocolate. Plum and spice are prominent on the palate with a finish that defines elegance. Try it with this flavor-packed spicy vegetable tagine >

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