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Why Our New Harvester Is “The Business”

Introducing the newest member of our team: the Pellenc Optimum Multifunction Grape Harvester imported from France. We made the decision to invest in this powerful machine after intensive research, and seeing it in action in South Africa and during a business trip to France last year.

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Our new harvester comes with many game-changing features. For starters, the size of the harvester allows us to plant in narrower rows, increasing our yield per hectare.

The harvester also has a built in washer that cleans and de-stems the grapes as it moves along the vineyards. The stems (and any other natural ‘waste’) are immediately mulched back into the surrounding soil. The washer also helps to keep the grapes cool, protecting them from the scorching hot weather and preserving their condition. This greatly improves the quality of the grapes coming into the cellar.

With more, cleaner and better quality grapes per hectare, we’re certain that our new harvester is a brilliant investment that will continue to deliver optimum returns.

More about our sustainable shopping list

Stellar Winery’s shopping list has two major focuses. The first is acquiring innovative machinery and equipment to improve production and quality. That’s where our new harvester fits in.

The second is investing in our many social development projects. We believe that people make an organisation. In our case, this statement extends as far as our employees, their families and the communities in which they live. We pour our financial resources into uplifting these communities, because we believe that’s how we nurture true sustainability.

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