Stellar Winery Harvest 2016

READY, SET, HARVEST! #saharvest2016 has begun

We’re two weeks into the 2016 harvest and have hit the vines running with our new multi-featured harvester imported from France. So far, we’ve started harvesting four cultivars: Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinotage and Sauvignon Blanc.

The quality of the grapes is looking good – but our new secret weapon for a jump in quality is our brand new harvester. Wilhelm, Stellar Winery’s immensely passionate Viticulturist, said, “It’s a beautiful machine,” and went on to explain it’s game-changing features. Of course, he didn’t forget to mention that although the harvester has already clocked up 50 hours of work, it has a long road ahead. Read all about our new harvester here > 

The severe water shortage in the region, coupled with long, hot, windy days, has made this the most challenging harvest we’ve had in a few seasons. The ideal daytime temperature during the harvest is between 24 and 28°C, and we’ve been having routine temperatures of over 30°C. Despite this, our teams are positive that we will have yet another successful harvest.

Our wine notes so far

As a result of the consistently high temperatures, the whites are likely to show more tropical flavours.

An interesting note: in an effort to conserve energy and prevent water loss in hot, windy conditions, the plants don’t manufacture any food for themselves during peak temperature periods in the day. This is precisely what’s happening out in the vineyards right now. This results in smaller berries, but more concentrated juice, which is good for colour in the red wines.

Go team!

We’d like to thank our dedicated teams for showing such passion and optimism, especially in light of the tough conditions. It’s times like these that remind us just how much we lean on nature to keep communities and businesses moving.

Watch this space for more news on progress and predictions for the season ahead.

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