Meet Celeste Smal | Stellar Women At Work Series

Celeste Smal manages the labelling department at Stellar. Her job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the process.

“Its one of the best feelings in the world to see a project evolving from the start to finish,” she says, “Knowing how much effort went into creating a new brand, and finally seeing the it on the bottle, being shipped out all over the world, is really satisfying.”

Celeste is currently focussing her passions on her career at Stellar, and is looking forward to breaking new boundaries every day. While working at Stellar, Celeste has learned that even the smallest bit of effort to help someone less fortunate can have a tremendous impact. She would also love to learn about different cultures around the world, and is planning on learning a third language in the near future.

When she hears the term “amazing woman”, the word ‘Mom’ always comes to mind. She believes that women do the most important job on earth: to nourish and guide our children – our future! Celeste wishes all women, especially the young ladies out there, the courage to stand up for themselves and believe in their place in the world.

For those working to make their dreams come true, Celeste’s advice is to “focus on your goal, plan ahead, take chances, break the rules every now and then and never be afraid to admit if you were wrong.”


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