Meet Liezel Rossouw | Stellar Women At Work Series

Liezel is the wonderful hostess to the guests who visit Stellar Winery – most of whom are international – and prides herself in whipping up delicious South African feasts to welcome them. Liezel is the wife of Willem Rossouw, Managing Director of Stellar Winery.

Liezel is a proud mom of two, and finds great joy in what she calls “the ultimate job”. She enjoys taking her little ones out to spend time in the great outdoors. Their absolute favourite is walking out into the fields with their dogs, riding their bikes and enjoying the scenery.

Motherhood is something Liezel takes very seriously. When asked to name a woman who inspires her, she said that, “all moms are amazing women”, and went on to stress the importance of the small yet powerful tasks they perform on a daily basis to keep the men and women of the future healthy and happy.

One exciting project that Liezel has dedicated her time to is the Madeliefie Markietie music festival. The 2016 festival is the second edition, and all funds raised go towards uplifting schools in the area.

When she’s not volunteering, being a mom, or hosting Stellar guests, Liezel can be found practising Kyokushin Karate – now that’s quite something!



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