Meet Monika Lukas | Stellar Women At Work Series

Monika is an Export Clerk and a Director of SET at Stellar Winery. She’s inspired by being part of the winemaking process, and takes great pride in knowing that these wines are enjoyed across the globe. A very special moment for Monika was when Stellar earned the Best Shiraz Trophy at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, as well as when we received the award for our Running Duck Sauvignon Blanc at the South African Women’s Wine Awards.

She is passionate about making a positive contribution wherever she can, both at work and among those near and dear. She is grateful for the on-going support she receives to achieve this while at work. “Stellar Winery has a real agenda to better the employees workplace and private lives through support and communication on an on-going basis,” she says.

Monika advises young women around the world to stand up for what they believe in despite the nay-sayers. Monika hopes that women of all walks of life will be empowered to use their voices, and stand up for their rights as equals at home and at work. She believes that a great woman is honest, self-assured, trustworthy and hardworking.


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