Meet Izelle Swanepoel | Stellar Women At Work Series

Izelle is the youngest member of the Stellar winemaking team. She is inspired by seeing, first hand, how much hard work and love goes into producing each bottle of Stellar wine.

During her time at Stellar, Izelle says that her most important lesson has been that anything is possible. “Work hard and never give up on your dreams,” she says. “Even if the odds are against you, never give up…and believe in yourself – you will find a way,” says Izelle to all the young women chasing their dreams.

What really excites Izelle at the moment is a course that she has just started. The course, WSET, is presented by The International Wine Education Centre. Izelle believes that this course is a brilliant opportunity for her to broaden her knowledge of international wines.

Izelle has a creative side too. When she is not hard at work, she can be found behind a book, camera or canvas – or spending time with her favourite people.

When asked about what characterises an amazing woman, Izelle said, “strong and independent but with a kind heart.”  

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