Judo Club wins 9 medals

New Stellar Judo Club: 9 Medals at the West Coast Judo Federation Competition

As most of you know, the Stellar Judo Club was established last month. The club is made up of the children of Stellar Winery workers, and coached by Owen Palm, an employee on one of the farms.

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The club is just two weeks old and has already enjoyed great success at the West Coast Judo Federation Competition on the weekend of 28 February. 9 Children were entered into the competition and all of them received medals:

Four 1st place medals
Three 2nd place medals
Three 3rd place medals

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The team’s outstanding performance in the biggest competition in the Western Cape came as a pleasant surprise for many of us, not only because Judo is completely new to them, but also because they competed against participants who have been training for years. “With hard work, we are sure to see some stars in the future, ” says Francois de Wet, Sport Director of the Western Cape Judo Federation.

Loukie Mias (Western Province Chairperson) commented that our young team is good enough to participate in the upcoming national tournament in July.

The Stellar Foundation is happy to have provided our young champions with their Judo clothing and Stellar Winery also helped with transport to the event at Saldanha. We’re so proud of the Stellar Judo Club kids, and wish them all the best for future competitions.

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