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Drink Wine When It Tastes Best

Ever wondered why your favourite wine is a total hit on one day and just misses the mark on the next? Science (yes, science) has proven that moon phases have something to do with this. Since we’ve got our eyes on the stars at Stellar Winery, we’ve put together an easy-to-understand introduction to biodynamics, so you can enjoy a glass when the timing is just perfect.

Biodynamics made simple

In the 1920’s, scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner inspired the belief that vineyards are not merely vines in soil just sitting around growing fruit, but that farms, in their entirety, are living organisms in their own right.

Biodynamic farmers acknowledge the forces of nature and work with them to create self-sustaining wine-growing systems without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. The laws of science and nature inform crop rotations, compost production, the management of insects and soil health.

The cosmos is very much a part of nature, and whatever happens “up there” directly affects us on Earth, from animal migration patterns to the surf and, of course, the farms that grow our wine grapes. With that in mind, certain activities are more successful during certain phases of these cosmic cycles.

Put simply, it’s all about rhythms. You’re probably most familiar with lunar rhythms and terms like “New Moon” and “Full Moon”. So for example, it’s been observed that during the Full Moon period, seeds germinate quickly and regrowth is rapid (so a good time for pruning), and as we move towards the New Moon phase, activity in the soil increases and the flow of sap in plants is not as strong.

So what’s that got to do with my glass of wine?

Believe it or not, the same forces that come into play when it comes to biodynamic farming also affect the wine you drink.

The biodynamic wine tasting calendar is split into 4 different categories based on where the moon is positioned: Flower days, Fruit days, Root days and Leaf days.

If you’ve been saving a special bottle for the perfect occasion, be sure to open it on a fruit or flower day, as these days are said to be best for bringing out the flavours of your wine. Root and leaf days, on the other hand, are not recommended for enjoying wine at all.

Which day is it today?

We think “When Wine Tastes Best”, biodynamic calendar for wine drinkers, is the ultimate app to download.

“Based on 50 years of research by biodynamic expert Maria Thun, discover which days are good fruit and flower days, and which are less good root and leaf days, as well as Maria Thun’s unique ‘generally unfavourable’ days (not included in other lunar calendars).”

 When wine app 2 When Wine App 1 

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