The Time Is Ripe for Traditional South African “Mosbolletjies”

Now’s the perfect time to enjoy freshly baked “mosbolletjies” – a traditional South African treat best described as “a sweet brioche, traditionally made with fermented grape juice and flavoured with aniseed”.

Traditional mosbolletjies recipe the Pretty Blog

Mosbolletjies have a beautiful feathery texture and are best enjoyed fresh from the oven with a generous helping of butter and golden syrup. What’s even better is that now’s the best time in the harvest cycle to get fermented grape juice – how deliciously convenient!

It’s not often you’ll find something that pairs well with just about any wine, but today you’re in luck. Choose from our wide range of organic wines to enjoy an all-round South African delight.

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Mosbolletjies recipe

Ready to bake? We’d love to hear from our fellow South Africans and friends abroad how your mosbolletjies turned out and which wine you chose to pair it with.

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