Trends shaping the wine industry copy

Trends Shaping The Wine Industry

A Toast To The Millennials

The wine market is slowly welcoming a brand new generation. Not just any generation, either. It’s the one that seems to have turned traditions on its head and bewildered marketers in the process. Studies show that for this group, it’s not about status or terroir – it’s all about genuinely enjoying a good wine that stands for something. Sad news for the wine snob population? Perhaps.  

It makes sense then that organic wines really appeal to this values-driven market, and various sources, particularly in the UK, report steadily climbing sales.

Jeremy Shapley,  Stellar’s US importer Triton Wines (USA), says, “We’re seeing more than 20 percent growth yearly with organic wines.” (Source: )

Pour me a story

There’s more riding on wine labels than ever before. Wine drinkers want to know everything, from why the wine was made to how buying a bottle impacts the future. Design simply has to mean something, take you somewhere.

Increasingly, it’s what’s on the outside that makes the inside count. Ingredient-based labelling is something we’ve been seeing a lot of across all consumables in the past few years. Customers want to know exactly what they’re drinking, and have made it clear that producers are responsible for being upfront about their processes and ingredients. This trend has really given organic wines, grown without the use of harmful chemicals, the chance to stand out.

The beauty in this trend is that wine is the culmination of many stories, starring entire communities and all the elements of nature. It doesn’t end there, either. Wine is often a huge part of new stories to tell, and old stories worth sharing.

Stellar Winery’s stories are endless. There are the tales of triumph, the tearjerkers and the feel-good, quirky ones too. Our wines embody these stories, which is why we’re so ready to welcome a trend that presents new opportunities to tell them, along with more keen audiences to enjoy them.

Dinner, and a really well considered drink.

The authenticity theme has found its way to restaurants, too. As establishments work towards connecting with a market searching for meaning, wine lists are set to become more varied and adventurous. We’re seeing a rise in wine-by-the-glass offerings, and that includes more expensive wines, previously only sold by the bottle. Customers are more and more open to experimentation – and what better way to try them all than glass by glass?

Innovative products like the Coravin have revolutionised by-the-glass drinking. The system allows you to taste the wine while preserving the rest of the bottle for months, or even years.


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